Brand Profile: Belstaff Men’s clothing

Brand Profile: Belstaff Men’s clothing

Introducing: Belstaff

Traditional yet forward-thinking, its no question British-born Belstaff really are a global success. Worn with a-listers for example David Beckham and Kaira Pitt, the label has gained itself an international following.

Symbolic of adventure and exploration, Belstaff has featured in films worn by Will Cruz in I’m Legend and Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Johnson as well as outfitted a few of the finest outdoorsmen of history century, including Amelia Earhart, T.E. Lawrence (also known as Lawrence of Arabia) and Che Guevara.

Founded in Stoke-On-Trent in 1924, the company hasn’t forgotten its British heritage, despite now being Italian-possessed. This season it designed a go back to London Collections: Men using its AW15 collection, inspired through the Ton-Up boys. The Ton-Up boys were initially affected by Marlon Brando, however they take their own British twist around the look, adding aspects of wax cotton with military surplus clothes, describes Frederik Dyhr, the VP from the brands mens design.

Reworking traditional pieces is really a Belstaff specialty. This year the famous Milford coat, worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock, continues to be up-to-date because the New Milford. It’s constructed from a membrane-backed cashmere to really make it water-repellent.

Even though it may appear a cutting-edge bit of design, Belstaff were really creating an identical coat in the first 1930s. We always re-propose styles within an entirely modern and relevant way. I recieve a lot inspiration simply from being submerged within the society and culture and in the British roads, describes Frederik.

After some time from Britain, Belstaff has become rightfully in its birthplace. Even if i was away, Belstaff never lost sight of their roots within British fashion. Getting labored for that brand although it was located in New You are able to, I’m able to honestly state that our return here seems like a real homecoming.

So what can we anticipate seeing from Belstaff in next season? Certainly the development in our range of products and our entrance into new marketplaces. But to let you know more is always to ruin the surprise!

Belstaff AW15 Collection Video: Ton-Up Boys

Belstaff AW15 Collection: Ton-Up Boys

Belstaff AW15 Collection

Belstaff AW15 Collection

Belstaff AW15 Collection

Belstaff AW15 Collection

Belstaff AW15 Collection



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