Our humorous responses to Glastonbury are distinctively British

Our humorous responses to Glastonbury are distinctively British


The ultimate weekend of Wimbledon, the very first morning at Lord’s, nonsensical headlines in August and rain at Glastonbury: such may be the stuff of British summers, and yesterday all of the these obliged in great style.

A lot of our national character is created through dealing with rain: our skill at indoor games for example snooker, billiards and darts, for example and our distinctively British irony. Social networking is frequently castigated because the cause of all evil, but yesterday morning, because the queues on the path to Glastonbury brought to individuals being stuck stationary for approximately seven hrs, and also the rains flooded Worthy Farm, Twitter performed location of some wonderful sarcasm.

Mike Ross stated he’d “never been in a roundabout lengthy enough to rest before”. Moira tweeted she’d “been within this traffic for 12 hrs, that’s more than any one of my relationships”. Others began playing cricket through the kerbside, next to the traffic, while it is raining.

Because it is continuing to grow, Glastonbury has altered, becoming more popular then ever by attractive to an increasing number of people. It was once considered, lengthy ago, because the preserve of the couple of hippies with an excessive amount of time available and inheritance money in their pockets. Yesterday’s wonderful outbreak of spirit, and also the endless images of muddy revellers we’re guaranteed within the future, can have that Glastonbury has become another thing altogether: a meaning of England we all can are proud of.

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