Battlefield 1 trailer becomes one of the most popular gaming videos on YouTube

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  1. ZealousFoX (Freedom Resurrection Lead Developer) says:

    Boy you know what I&1quo;d love to see here on MMOBOMB?
    A community that isn&1quo;t toxic, and gives things a chance. That be something pretty intuitive as a GUI and game engine, now wouldn&1quo;t it?
    Ridiculous community aside, I&1quo;d say you devs have a fine piece of work in the making. Rough around around the edges right now, sure. But an Cyber-Punk MMO with already a heavy Blade Runner feel… Is definitely an area that needs to be touched on more in this day and age of “congested” game1. Love the music that&1quo;s in this video, and how close to something Vangelis would give… Love it. Keep it up, and at the start of June you&1quo;ll have another donator for the game.
    Also as a developer myself, and someone who has played around with The Hero Engine. Don&1quo;t listen to these “vultures” thinking they know what&1quo;s best for development. If there&1quo;s one thing Hero Engine is good at… It&1quo;s the ability to give the team complete real-time collaboration in every needed aspect when working with your team. Good choice of software in my books. Games like Runescape show that graphics mean nothing. If the game-play exceeds the visuals, so just go with what you want… Not what othe1 outside of your teams vision want.
    Good luck on Exile Online&1quo;s development, and again… Blade Runner esque MMO is something I&1quo;ve been waiting on for a long time.

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