Hiddleswift: Could it be all a more sophisticated music video? We only hope

Hiddleswift: Could it be all a more sophisticated music video? We only hope


If you are not yet been familiarised with Hiddleswift, let us brief you.

Recently, it had been introduced that music sensation Taylor Quick was dating Britsh actor Tom Hiddleston when photos of these two, nestled together uber-romantically atop some rocks, surfaced online.

Many were initially confused – wasn’t she overcoming a current split from DJ Cavin Harris? – however a brand new batch of photos surfaced now resulting in the world to actually question what on the planet happening. Could him in the Night Manager be deeply in love with the “Shake Them BackInch singer? His t-shirt maybe have you believe so. As well as his tattoo.

Regardless of the situation, it is just fair to indicate that, despite being famous figures, both of these are just human creatures and should do regardless of the hell they need. However, the romance being the like the nose – so distinctively from character (for that debonair Hiddleston, anyway) – most are calling the couple’s bluff, devising their very own ideas along the way.

One, spotted on Buzzfeed, has stuck: could Tom Hiddleston function as the star of the elaborately-planned Taylor Quick music video? Let us survey evidence…

The romantic rock-kissing, the hands-holding in Rome, a seaside stroll in Suffolk these occasions all predated the current 4 This summer celebrations within the ocean attired inside a t-shirt imprinted with ‘I ? TS.’ Everything appears just like a music video – and something that bears an uplifting resemblance of those of Quick song “Craziest Dreams” which informs the storyline of the romance that’s ultimately revealed to become two stars carrying out around the group of a movie.

Could Quick be filming her visual album starring High-Rise actor Hiddleston (who is extremely the person-of-the-moment following a US airing from the Night Manager)?

Possibly this could explain a couple of things: one – why the 2 are now being solely adopted around through the same paparazzi agency, and 2 – why Quick has offered no update on the new record regardless of the two-year anniversary of recent album 1989 moving ever closer (2 yrs is generally her maximum for brand new releases).

Maybe Quick will drop unannounced new material à la Beyoncé’s Lemonade?

Now, the apparent lack of cameras in most of those press photos would count this theory out completely – however, for that ploy to become elaborate, we are sure the skilled paps could be allowed their very own time for you to capture shots with no cameras within their periphery. The positioning famous Tay-Tay’s buddies (Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, et al) smacks from the “Bad Bloodstream” video which itself boasted an entire variety of celebrity cameos.

Still, the reality is Hiddleston and Quick might be a genuine item and – if they’re – people ought to be happy on their behalf. Quick continues to be vocal previously about people’s “slut-shaming” sights on her behalf dating habits and, when all is stated and done, whether or not the joke is around the public or otherwise, we are playing into the concept a famous 26-year-old girl is not able up to now who she would like with no world criticising her decision.

Still, the reality is: putting on a t-shirt proclaiming passion for your woman should never be a great look.

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