Synesthesia artist Jack Coulter produces ‘musical painting’ of Glastonbury 2016

Synesthesia artist Jack Coulter produces ‘musical painting’ of Glastonbury 2016


Synesthesia artist Jack Coulter has switched the rare nerve condition that enables him to ‘hear’ colour and ‘see’ seem right into a striking visual canvas for Glastonbury.

The 21-year-old partnered with Deezer to produce the bold painting after hearing a playlist of the year’s festival functions around the music streaming service. “I took in towards the harsh dualities of every single unique artist’s individual seem, answering the particular tunes that really resonated beside me psychologically,” he states. “I desired to capture the gorgeous atmospheric component of 2010 artists, while concurrently paralleling the more dark undertones of melancholy atmosphere.”

Coulter finds his condition hard to show individuals without any experience with it. “The inner complexities of my synesthesia are really incomprehensive – my existence, vision and artistry are submerged in tetrachromatic iridescence,” he states. “I hope that my painting can heighten the public’s understanding of visual importance in an enormous amount of weightless polluted noise.”

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Coulter isn’t any stranger to mixing the creative types of art and music. Only this past year, he provided artwork for singer-songwriter SOAK’s Mercury-nominated debut album Before We Didn’t remember How you can Dream. “When I pay attention to a bit of music, the will bleed of my visual auditory senses require freedom, Personally i think the moment urge to birth a painting that signifies things i am inherently and extrinsically encountering,” he states.

“My visual interpretation of ‘sound’ within musicality is presently stimulated after i am soulfully, visually and perceptively submerged inside a specific musical composition or bit of music.”

Coulter, that has over 56,000 supporters on Instagram, is happy to talk about what Glastonbury’s overall seem appears like to him and hopes that individuals who’re not able to go to or are afflicted by impaired hearing will particularly appreciate his piece. “If my painting can induce a visible auditory experience with Glastonbury in the smallest sense, that might be special,Inches he states. “My visual auditory senses bleed harmoniously to produce an incomprehensive existence form on canvas. I would like this painting to become seen like a sole visual of musical sign language.

“Overdosing on musical consumption is amazingly draining for me personally, I are afflicted by physical overload. I needed this painting to become special. Glastonbury may be the biggest music festival on the planet and also the finest live music pressure in popular culture today. Discomfort is temporary, art is forever.”

Deezer includes a feature known as Flow that produces a non-stop, unique music experience for you personally, tailored for your individual taste. The streaming service boasts 40 million tracks and 40,000 podcasts.

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